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A equipe do predisposed agradece por todo esse tempo juntos.



Switchpin - The Truest From Of Flattery (2004)

01. Relapse
02. The Dance Between Heaven And Angels
03. Imitation
04. Into The Sun
05. Unanimity
06. Artificial Self
07. The Way it Was
08. A Breakdown In Silence
09. Falling Short of Nothing
10. 2nd to Last
11. Modern Day Tragedy

Estilo: New Metal
Servidor: RapidShare
Tamanho do Arquivo: 61Mb
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Stam1na - Uudet Kymmenen Kaskya (2006) [Finlandia]

01. Uudet Kymmenen Kaskya
02. Meresta Maalle
03. Edessani
04. Viisi Laukausta Paahan
05. Vapaa Maa
06. Lapsuus
07. Paperinukke
08. Suhdeluku
09. Likainen Parketti
10. Ovi
11. Kaksi Reittia Yksi Suunta

Estilo: Metal Moderno
Servidor: Megaupload
Tamanho do Arquivo: 109Mb
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senha/pass: predisposed


Cósit - ( Nu Metal Brasileiro)

Banda de São Vicente, SP, Brasil.

Cósit se destaca por ter um estilo bem pesado com um contraste bem definido por seu baterista ( Kaio), assim como o potencial gutural de seu vocal (Thiago) , misturado com riffs marcantes pelos guitarristas Jeff e Chris, e não menos importante, a levada moderna de baixo (Nando)
Como Influência, podemos citar a maioria das bandas de Metal Moderno, como Slipknot, Korn, Mudvayne, Chimaira, entre outros.
A Banda existe desde 2001, porém foi reformlada em 2005, tentando ganhar seu espaço, gravou o EP Silece & Sorrows, com 20 minutos de pancadaria bem dividido em suas 5 músicas.
Entre elas, a Equipe do Predisposed destaca a musica que dá nome ao EP " Silence & Sorrows", pelo peso e percursões, e "Why Die Tomorrow", por mesclar um lado mais melódico com muito peso.
E... sem mais delongas, aqui vai o EP pra vcs curtirem, espero que gostem.

Cósit - Silence & Sorrows (EP)

01. My Best Friend
02. Why Die Tomorrow
03. Addictions
04. Silence & Sorrows
05. A False Master

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Tamanho do Arquivo: 18Mb
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Agradecimentos: Jeff


Yakuza - Way of the Dead (2002)

01. Vergasso
02. Miami Device
03. Yama
04. Signal 2.42
05. T.M.S.
06. Chicago Typewriter
07. Obscurity
08. 01000011110011

Estilo: Metal/Experimental
Servidor: RapidShare
Tamanho do Arquivo: 92Mb
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Slipknot - Disasterpieces DVD Bootleg

01. Intro + People=Shit
02. Liberate
03. Left Behind
04. Eyeore
05. Disasterpiece
06. Purity
07. Gently
08. Eyeless
09. Joey Drum Solo
10. New Abortion
11. Heretic Anthem
12. My Plague
13. Wait and Bleed
14. Sic
15. Surfacing
16. Spit it Out

Estilo: New Metal
Servidor: RapidShare
Tamanho do Arquivo: 86Mb
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Senha/Pass: predisposed


Symphony In Peril - 2 Albuns (Metalcore)

Album: Lost Memoirs and Faded Pictures (2003)

1. Shadow Over A Bleeding Heart
2. Letting Go Would Be An End
3. The Quotidian Succession
4. Sifting Through These Ashes
5. Beauty Forgotten
6. Lament
7. Unsteady Docks Along The Ohio
8. Portrait
9. Three Months
10. Can One Possess Autumn?
11. Untitled

Tamanho do Arquivo: 57Mb
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Album: The Whore's Trophy (2005)

1. Perelandra
2. For Now We See In A Mirror, Dimly, But Then Face To Face
3. Stiletto
4. Seduction By Design
5. ...And She Was Drunk With The Blood Of The Saints
6. Revolving Door Romance
7. The Whore's Trophy l
8. The Whore's Trophy ll
9. Waiting To Breath
10. This Flame Breeds Disbelief
11. Inherent Scars
12. Aborting The Fabricated

Servidor: RapidShare
Tamanho do Arquivo: 58Mb
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Love Like... Electrocution - Love Like... Electrocution (2003)

01. We Only Fuck to Black Sabbath vol 4
02.10 steps to Avoid the Clap: Number One - I Wouldn't Piss on a Scorpion if it Was on Fire
03. Das Plague; French for Germans
04. With Horses in Her Eyes, She Spat Like a Wildcat.
05. The Truth of the Matter is I am Satan and on the Guitars we Have the Devils. This is Devil Music
06. Hunger Like Numb Toes on an Olso Sidewalk
07. The Tropics of Cancer, Capricorn and a Smashed Face
08. I Might Have Shed a Tear for him, but he's no Depardieu
09. This Charade has Lasted well Past the Curtains Fall
10. We've Built our Tombs. Now Were Sleeping in Them
11. The Graduate Walks With a Distant Gait

Estilo: Screamo
Servidor: RapidShare
Tamaho do Arquivo: 23Mb
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The Arrs - ... Et La Douleur Est La Meme (2005) (França)

01 Requiem
02 Dieu dans leur monde
03 De ma plume
04 Aussi loin que le regard des anges
05 Passion
06 Hommes d'honneur
07 Le mal par le mal
08 Et la douleur est la meme
09 Au coeur de l'arene (ad mortem)
10 Outro

Estilo: Metalcore
Servidor: RapidShare
Tamanho do Arquivo: 45Mb
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Dust to Dust - Sick

03.Think About It
05.Barely Breathing
06.Fix On
07.This Way
12.Blue Sky Lie

Estilo: New Metal
Servidor: RapidShare
Tamanho do Arquivo: 71Mb
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Syx - Autopsy Of An Aquarius (2005)

01. Projection Room
02. Caprice
03. From a Business Perspective
04. The Side to Consider
05. Knuckle Shaped Alibi
06. @
07. Autopsy of An Aquarius
08. Dr. O
09. Yesterday's Song
10. Zombies Ate My Neighbors
11. The Ghost of Jenny Glass
12. Septic
13. Toy Soldier

Estilo: Metalcore
Servidor: RapidShare
Tamanho do Arquivo: 50Mb
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Yakuza - Samsara (2006)

01. Cancer Of Industry
02. Plecostomus
03. Monkeytail
04. Transmission Ends...Signal Lost
05. Dishonor
06. 20 Bucks
07. Exterminator
08. Just Say Know
09. Glory Hole
10. Back To The Mountain

Estilo: Metal/Experimental
Servidor: RapidShare
Tamanho do Arquivo: 75Mb
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Faust Again - Hope Against Hope (2006)

01. To Dwell On Thoughts Of You
02. What Misery Means
03. Something About Us
04. Anthems Of A Rising Tides
05. Dream Of You Is Like A Dream Of A Better Day
06. The Unveilling Of The Killjoy
07. Frozen Minds, Aching Herats
08. The Longest Festering Around
09. Not Without A Blink
10. ( Bonus Track )

Estilo: Metal Core
Servidor: RapidShare
Tamanho: 46Mb
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Wreckless Process - Pull Your Own Wieght (2005)

01. Bathed in Fear
02. More to Believe
03. Pull Your Own Weight
04. Green-Eyed Casualty
05. Track Five
06. Zero Tolerance
07. War Within
08. Room for Growth
09. Animus Condition
10. In-Decision
11. Consequently Jackie

Estilo: Alternative Metal
Servidor: RapidShare
Tamanho do Arquivo: 63.8 Mb
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Heaven In Her Arms - Heaven In Her Arms [EP] [2006] (Japanese Screamo)

01. A Secret Signal... Here Is...
03. GET OUT!! (Live)
04. A Secret Signal... Here Is... (Remix)
05. AKAI YUME (Remix)

Estilo: Screamo
Servidor: RapidShare
Tamanho do Arquivo: 40Mb
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Alpha Project - Seconde d'Eternite (2005)

01. Evidence
02. Seconde d'Eternite
03. Ange gardien
04. Ensemble
05. Changer tout Ca
06. Un monde meilleur
07. Tous ces mots
08. Faux Semblant
09. Dis moi
10. Quelques Larmes
11. Pas facile

Estilo: Frenchcore
Servidor: RapidShare
Tamanho do Arquivo:
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Quick and The Dead - Consider Your Options (2006)

01. The War Starts Tonight
02. Trying is the First step Towards Failure
03. By All Means
04. When it Ends
05. She's so Hollywood
06. He Sees an Angel
07. Consider Your Options
08. My Nightmare
09. We Are
10. This System
11. Bruised and Bleeding
12. The Giving Tree
13. Aim to Destroy

Estilo: Emo/Screamo
Servidor: RapidShare
Tamanho do Arquivo: 59Mb
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2x - Pateando Craneos

01. Intro
02. No Lo Podras Sostener
03. Nada
04. Juicio y Castigo
05. Urbe
06. La Hora Del Juicio
07. La Fuerza Policial
08. A Romper La Calma
09. Pateando Craneos
10. Odio
11. Pachamama
12. Nahuen

Estilo: Nü Metal
Servidor: RapidShare
Tamanho do Arquivo: 46Mb
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Digeroo - Alter Ego + Bonus Videos

01. El Instinto
02. Alter Ego
03. Ser Humano
04. La Ora de Las Maravas
05. Santuario

Bonus Videos:

01. Alter Ego
02. No Hay Razon

Estilo: Alternative Metal
Servidor: RapidShare
Tamanho do Arquivo: 50Mb
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Fake H - Fake H (EP)

01. Ez Pass
02. Blood Flow Fading
03. It´s Getting Worse
04. Half ass Hustler
05. Two At a Time

Estilo: Alternative Metal
Servidor: RapidShare
Tamanho do Arquivo: 35Mb
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